Michael Boardman

January 12th, 2019

Michael Boardman is the founder and artist for Coyote Graphics. Michael is also a watercolor painter, specializing in wilderness and wild creatures, and has served several artist residencies, including Acadia, Baxter State Park and Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska.  

Proceeds from Michael's show went to Oxford Street Shelter. 

Total Raised: $200

Paul French

February 9th, 2019

Paul French, lifelong musician, guitar player, Berklee graduate, singer/songwriter, guitar instructor, recording engineer/producer, certified surgical tech, squash player, squash coach @ Portland Community Squash

Proceeds from Paul's show went to Portland Community Squash. 

Total Raised: $168

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Jake Ryan

March 9th, 2019

Jake Ryan is the founder and director of the Open Bench Project, a makerspace offering a collaborative workshop, access to tools and equipment, and a variety of skill building opportunities. Over the years Jake has been a student of math, art, psychology, education and Architecture He is a thinker doer learner explorer, who feels best helping people bring their ideas to life, facilitating community and encouraging people to try new things in the face of failure. Today he lives here in Portland with his remarkable wife Jen and two confident children, Max and Sophia.

Proceeds from Jake's show went to Portland Trails

Total Raised: $186

Erin Curren

April 13th, 2019

Erin Curren loves to roll on the floor. Thankfully, as a Nia Black Belt, she gets to do that a lot. When she’s not teaching Nia, Erin can be found playing back audience members’ real-life stories with Portland Playback Theatre, driving around in her *bejazzled* Gypsy Crib, helping med students become better listeners, and throwing tennis balls to her husky mutt, Decaf.

WFS Erin Curren Nia Black Belt Teacher.j

Ian Ramsey

May 10th, 2019

Ian Ramsey is a writer, educator, ultrarunner, and musician.  He is the founder and director of North Yarmouth Academy's Kauffmann Program for Environmental Writing and Wilderness Exploration, and one of the founders of theMaine Acoustic Festival, a statewide roots music festival for Maine students. Ian also teaches mindfulness, brain science, breathing, and physiology. He holds an MFA in creative writing from the Rainier Writing Workshop and has published poems and essays in a variety of national publications.  A licensed Maine Guide and aspirant BCU Five Star Sea Kayak Leader, he has paddled, hiked, run, and led expeditions on four continents. He is an athlete ambassador for the Territory Run CompanyMuir EnergyXOSkinThe Distance Project, and for Goodr Sunglasses. He also directs a community steel drum band and has been a national semi-finalist for the Grammy Music Educator of the Year. 


Kimberly Curry

June 14th, 2019

Kimberly Curry is the job Director in charge of Community Relations at Goodwill Industries of NNE. She is an watercolor and encaustic artist working in Portland Maine. Additionally, Kimberly is a World Traveler, Retired Acorn Mascot, Failed Interior Designer.


Gillian Davis

June 19th, 2019

Gillian is a woodworker, building useful and beautiful things in her shop and scouring wood piles at the local dump for unusual materials. She loves the music and dances from the 1920s-40s and started a group called Portland Swing Project as a way to bring that interest to Maine through weekly classes and events. When not building and dancing, Gillian loves surfing but struggles to get in and out of her winter wetsuit and realizes that proficiency on a surfboard is elusive. She loves Maine and feels incredibly lucky to be able to walk to the ocean on the daily.


Gillian joined us at the 2019 Portfringe Festival

Mical Hutson

June 20th, 2019

Mical Hutson is from the Portland Symphony and has one of the longest and most interesting resumes we've ever heard .


Mical joined us at the 2019 Portfringe Festival


Allen Adams

June 21st, 2019

Allen Adams is a writer, actor and improvisor. He is the editor and chief culture critic at The Maine Edge, an arts and entertainment weekly based in Bangor. Allen is a Tomatometer-approved movie reviewer; his work can be seen at Rotten Tomatoes and other outlets. He is also a member in good standing of the National Book Critics Circle; his book reviews can be found in a variety of locations. He also makes regular appearances on the scripted stage with Penobscot Theatre Company. Allen has been improvising for over a decade, primarily with The Focus Group – a troupe he co-founded – but has also appeared with the Bar Harbor-based ImprovAcadia. He is also the curator and primary organizer of The Improv ME Festival, an annual event – set to mark its sixth year in November – celebrating the best that Maine and New England improv have to offer. In addition, Allen is a “Jeopardy! bronze medalist and the 2009 FOX/ABC Maine All-Star Hot Dog Eating Champion. He lives in Bangor with his beautiful wife Sheridan, their adorable weirdo of a dog Stella and two elderly cats named Scooby and Mine.


Allen joined us at the 2019 Portfringe Festival

Alex Kimball

June 22nd, 2019

Alex Kimball is the Deputy Manager, Finance & Administration for Cumberland County.


Alex joined us at the 2019 Portfringe Festival


Amity Stoddard

July 12th, 2019

Amity Stoddard is the Co-Founder and Director of Operations for The Sellam Circus School.  Amity joined her first circus crew fifteen years ago, searching for the stories of the extraordinary people who move the show down the road. In her time with Circus Smirkus, Big Apple Circus, and Cirque du Soleil, she has loaded-in, set-up, torn-down, pulled stakes, cooked meals, justified ledgers, tracked down props, secured visas, driven big trucks and finessed fine print. She is currently working on a dual memoir with her husband, Sellam, a career circus artist and coach.  In 2015, Amity and Sellam formed The Sellam Circus School in Biddeford, Maine.  In 2018, Amity launched CircuStories – a project dedicated to gathering, presenting, and archiving the stories of circus folks from around the world.