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Yes&Co. is focused on improvisation, storytelling and community

Private Functions

YES&Co. is available for hire! Do you have an upcoming event that needs unique entertainment? YES&Co. does private performances!


Work Parties

Private Events

What to Expect

Our signature show is the perfect way to celebrate you or a loved one.

We can use true stories told by you and your friends as inspiration for improvisational comedy. How fun is that? Yes and co

Interested in classic improv? YES&Co. does that too!

We can perform short-form, long-form, or no-form improv for you with whatever level of audience participation you are comfortable with. It's your show! We have shows that range in time from 20min up to 1.5hrs.

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What People Are Saying

"Being a monologist for Yes&Co. is like sharing pieces of yourself with your therapist who also happens to have an audience, a twisted sense of humor and the knack for pulling the oddest string of your story and turning it into hilarity for all. I can say more if needed."

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